Friday, October 31

Great Family Game - Bananagrams

This is a great, super fun game for the family. This banana unzips to reveal 144 letter tiles. There are many ways to play, but our favorite goes like this. Each player takes the designated amount of tiles (depending upon the number of players). The remaining tiles go in the middle upside down. Everyone flips all their tiles at the same time and then begins to create words. Once one player is out of tiles he yells "peel" and each player takes another tile to add to his/her "bunch" of tiles. If a player is stuck, he can "dump" a tile in exchange for three more. Once the tiles in the middle are gone, then the first player to use all his/ her tiles arranged into words calls out "banana" and is the winner.

A multiple award winning game.
2 to 7 players

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Review by: Michelle Sahr