Tuesday, May 5

The flying Turtle in Action

Here is the flying turtle in action. This is one of our all time favorites! No batteries, kid powered, super sturdy ride on toy.

Just turn the handles right and left and it goes.


Frogs in a toy store? Hey why not.

We recently have been selling frog habitats(and they are selling like crazy). The frogs (African Dwarf Frogs) live in a little ecosystem and are water frogs. There is also a snail (to clean the tank) and a bamboo shoot (for oxygen). The really cool thing about these is the super easy care. The frogs only need fed twice a week (and we sell you a years supply of food with the tank) and the tank only needs cleaned a couple times a year.

Pretty simple! As a Mom of three kids I prefer this to a dog. Okay... sorry dog lovers.... I have had a number of dogs too. I do like dogs! BUT... my kids and husband are begging for a new dog and I know that I will be the one to feed, walk, and essentially care for the dog. Right now I am not looking for extra work. So when my kids are truly ready to completely care for a dog themselves... then maybe. In the meantime Kermit the Frog it is!

Stop by and see our new frogs!