Wednesday, February 8

2012 - New Toy Hunt in New York City

It is pre-toyfair week. I am gearing up to head out to New York City this weekend for my annual hunt for new toys. It is always so exciting to see all the new toys that 2012 has in store for us.

Many people will ask me what is the hot new toy for 2012. But that is not what toy fair is about for this small toy shop. Instead of looking for that HOT toy (which by media and hype standards usually includes lots of bells, whistles, lights, batteries and such), we are out looking for that innovative toy that invites kids to be imaginative and use their little noggins. Sometimes for us the hot new toy is an old classic brought back. Some of my favorite finds for last year include the Airbolt, high powered air rocket, the Fastrack game, and Contraptions building toy.

This year I'm looking for great outdoor and active toys, new games, and new toddler toys. Keep tuned in as I will be posting throughout the trip.

Tell me what toys do you think I should carry in 2012?