Wednesday, December 18

A FEW of Michelle's favorite Toddler toys...

 1. Squigz - One of my new favorites.. toddlers are intrigued by the suction fun. Customer's are reporting these have a high entertainment value! Stick them to each other, the floor, the wall, the window (car window for a travel toy), to the table... we even had one customer sticking them to their bald dad's head!

2. Mountain Tunnel Bead Maze - an extra large wooden bead maze is intriguing to toddlers. This toy kept my kids entertained for long periods of time. Plus we always get people looking for non-messy toddler toys... and this one is perfect!

3. Good old fashioned fisher price telephone - remember your own childhood favorite toy? Well, this was one of mine!

4. A good wooden Brio or Thomas starter set is always a good bet for toddlers. We just got a shipment of both of these in stock!


Thursday, December 5

Hope's Top 5 Toys for the Holidays

Our toy guru, Hope, gives us her top 5 favorite toys for the Holidays!
1.Picwits - like Apples to Apples but with Pictures!
2.Squigz - a sucky little toy... that is additively fun.
3.Boogie boards - Write on them then push the button to erase.  
   Great for doodling and practicing writing and math.
4. Kinetic sand - So fun to play with.  Leaves no residue on your hands.
5. Everything and anything by Janod..Magnetic maps  -
    Great wooden toys like the pictured magnetic USA map. 

Tuesday, December 3

Monique's Top Toy Picks for Christmas

I asked my staff to share with me their TOP 5 favorite items for the year.  Monique had trouble keeping it at 5... so we have a TOP 10 toy favorites for Christmas 2013 by Monique!
1.  Roll and Play: Child can start with just learning colors when very young and later on learn following directions.  Can be played with siblings.  (ages 18 months - 3 years)
2.  Squigz: Can be used for many age groups (versatile) + can be used in cars for car trips.  They stick really well to windows.
3. Block Buddies: Just plain fun.  Learn colors, shapes, and follow directions. Large pieces that can easily be handled.
4.  Straws and Connectors; Make large structures over and over.  Straws are very durable.
5.  Kinetic Sand: Clean, remained contained, and relaxing.  For young and not so young!!!
6.  Chocolate Fix Game: For the future mathematicians and engineers!!!  Fun and challenging.  Incremental learning!
7.  Recycled Paper Beads: Like that you can use old and new papers! Original!
8.  Dutch Blitz/ Spot-it / Pizza party: fast and small.  Can be carried in purses to have on hand at anytime.
9.  WordARound: For lovers of letter games!
10.  Boogie Boards.. write on LCD boards that erase with the click of a button.