Wednesday, December 18

A FEW of Michelle's favorite Toddler toys...

 1. Squigz - One of my new favorites.. toddlers are intrigued by the suction fun. Customer's are reporting these have a high entertainment value! Stick them to each other, the floor, the wall, the window (car window for a travel toy), to the table... we even had one customer sticking them to their bald dad's head!

2. Mountain Tunnel Bead Maze - an extra large wooden bead maze is intriguing to toddlers. This toy kept my kids entertained for long periods of time. Plus we always get people looking for non-messy toddler toys... and this one is perfect!

3. Good old fashioned fisher price telephone - remember your own childhood favorite toy? Well, this was one of mine!

4. A good wooden Brio or Thomas starter set is always a good bet for toddlers. We just got a shipment of both of these in stock!


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